Keep your culture intact, your team productive and your communication in-sync in this new remote world.

The SecondScreen is the only solution for hypergrowth companies who want to keep their team connected and preserve the great culture they have built.

From startups to established fortune-500 companies, hundreds of companies have rolled out the SecondScreen to their teams to ensure remote work does not get in the way of slowing down growth or dismantling a strong culture.

Who is this for?


A starting team split across different geographic areas uses SecondScreen to hold critical meetings, brainstorm new ideas, and keep the morale high.


Collaborate with new hires as if they came into the office for their first day of work. This allows for a richer onboarding and training experience and leads to a more connected experience that increases employee retention.


Ensuring that a large growing team stays connected and maintains the strong culture that they were able to create i a physical space. Build different social rooms, hold a virtual all-hands meeting or just work together in the same room. Maintaining these touchpoints is critical for larger, growing companies.


No matter if you are big or small, effective communication is critical, especially when you cannot go up to someone and tap them on the shoulder. Allow everyone to work in the same room, collaborate in separate rooms based on departmental groups or projects and share information on the fly with relevant teams and individuals.

“Work as if you are in the same room – with the luxury of working where you want to be.”

The SecondScreen helps to enable spontaneous converations, the sharing of ideas, and non-work chats that build valuable team relationships. After using the SecondScreen for a few days, here are what some teams had to say:

I felt so alone working remote – now I feel as if I am in the same room and that we are feeding off of each other’s energy

Alex, Brooklyn

I was skeptical of a SecondScreen as I am already on Video Conferencing calls for 7+ hours a day. It makes me so happy to see my team around – gives me a feeling of togetherness.

Lindsey, San Francisco

Being able to wave to my co-workers in the morning, having spontaneous chats about lunch or politics during the day and any sort of crazy that happens in a day has been the foundation of keeping me sane. I no longer feel isolated.

Leslie, Austin

Going back to the office?

Check out our Plug-and-play Hub on an office TV. We specialize in helping teams figure out hybrid work places, remote work plans or office-only work plans.