Work Together Even When You’re Not

The only all-in-one virtual communications hub for remote, hybrid, and in-office teams

Communication is the key to a strong and connected company culture, especially for remote teams. SecondScreen keeps the collaborative spirit alive by enabling remote workers to virtually meet, brainstorm, chat, and share important announcements face to face and in real time.

The all-in-one communications and messaging hub combines video conferencing, internal communications, and real-time data sharing on a screen separate from their workstation or laptop, so employees can work without interruption.

Whether yours is a fully or partially remote team, or you’re simply looking for a way to improve in-office communication, SecondScreen helps keep your team in touch and on task.


A perpetual, always-on video conference to bring your team together the whole day.


Connect any data or content source to show on the screen. With our exclusive partnership with Hoopla, you can show individual or company KPIs in real time.


Connect any data or content source to display in this bottom zone. Share important company updates, showcase special company events, and give employee shoutouts here.


Connect any data or content source to display in this bottom zone. Companies typically showcase company virtual happy hour information, important company updates or personnel shoutouts.

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Work like you’re in the same room—even when you’re across the world. SecondScreen’s video conferencing is always on by default. Choose from Zoom, BlueJeans, and other popular video conferencing platforms and enjoy face-to-face communication with your team all day, every workday.

Jump into all-hands meetings, hang out in smaller gallery rooms, enjoy one-on-one collab sessions—and when you walk away for a break or for the day, simply log out and the screen turns off automatically.

The SecondScreen is so easy and affordable that every employee can have their own device. Its simple navigation makes it super easy to hop between secure company-, team-specific, and social rooms without fumbling around with meeting IDs and calendar invites.

Broadcast focused messaging, dashboards, announcements, and more to the entire company, your team, or a team member—all through a remote-control enabled interface.

Easy to centrally customize the client experience across all devices, broadcast messaging and content, initiate all-hands meetings, and remotely troubleshoot or diagnose device issues for deployed equipment.

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Going back to the office?

SecondScreen is also available as a Plug-and-Play Hub for your office TV. Somewhere in the middle? We specialize in building better teams—whether fully remote, hybrid, or office-only—by making workplace communication more personal and accessible.